Clearing the site off all rubbish, waste and leveling the site, etc.

2. Setting out of this building by marking the boundaries of the proposed building and setting out of columns and footings for the proposed construction.

Excavation for foundation in all soils up to a depth of hard strata or as specified by the Engineer’s approved drawings or as per soil investigation report.


Filling the floor portion basement with bought out fill earth other than clay and from the quarry dust and top layer with Quarry Dust to a thickness of 0-6” including watering and consolidation.


The height of floor level will be 3’-0”from the existing road level. Car porch and all around areas shall be 2’-0”above road level.


PCC 1:5:10  using 1.5”size broken granite aggregate in foundation to a thickness of 0’-4”


PCC 1:4:8 using 1.5”size broken granite aggregate in flooring of ground floor to a thickness of 0’-4”


Providing and laying RCC 1:2:4 for the following RCC portion and a copy of all structural drawings and details to be provided to PURCHASER/PURCHASERS.

  • RCC Mat (Footing) of size 5'x 5'x 0'-6"with tapering thickness of 0'-9"or as per Structural drawings attached.
  • Plinth beam 230x300mm and will be connected to all columns
  • Columns of minimum size 230x300mm and according to design and structural details.
  • Lintel beam 230x150mm and if the opening more than 6', then size of lintel beam will be 230mmx230mm
  • Roof beam size minimum of 230mm x 375mm but varies according to load and structural drawings.
  • 1-1/2"thick sill slab will be provided for all windows.
  • Roof slab in Ground floor, first floor and staircase head room slab of thickness of 4.5”and the height of roof will be 10’floor to floor.
  • RCC underground sump with 5”cover slab, RCC OHT, Bore well and a septic tank will be provided as per structural details.

Constructing masonry wall 9”for all external walls and main walls with Brick block and 4.5”for internal partition walls which will be provided with 6mm reinforcement with staggered arrangements on every fourth layer.


Plastering 12mm thick finished plaster for ceiling and loft and shelves with CM 1:3 mix including scaffolding, curing and finishing. Rough plaster with sponge will be given


Plastering walls internal and external in CM 1:5 mix with smooth finish with trowel and cement slurry


All flooring finishes will be of Jet Branded Vitrified joint free tiles 2’x2’Design


Glazed tiles of Sun Ray make or equivalent for Toilet walls up to 7’and above kitchen platform al round 4’height


All Toilet floors with anti skid tiles 12”x 12”

15. Skirting of 4”will be provided in all rooms
16. staircase steps will be finished with Tiles finishes
17. The Kitchen Platform will be with pure Black Granite slab and stainless steel sink of size 24”x 18”

One Number Loft to be provided


The Main Door will be of 1st quality of teak wood frame and size will be 4”x 3”. The main door shutter with Imported Malaysian teak wood panel of thickness 32mm


All the fittings of Main Door will be of brass and lock of Godrej or equivalent with suitable brass handle.


All other Inner door frames are hard wood /Padauk/ Kongu frames


All inner doors are 32mm thick imported standard Skin door shutters


In hall French Door of suitable size will be provided if required as  per  Architectural  Design


All Doors and windows are as per drawings enclosed and window glazing at head room


Window shutters UPVC framed & 4mm thick glazing and window grills up to 10mm square MS rods.


The  Toilet doors will be of FRP doors


All window openings are 4’6’’ to 6’ depends on room size & drawings


All Door fittings will be of anodized aluminium with one aldrop, one door stopper, 2 tower bolt with suitable make Mortise/Cylindrical  Locks provided in rooms


Ventilators will be of louvered type.


Painting – Doors and windows with 2 coats of SEP over a primer, Inner walls – Two coats of Emulsion paint over a primer, Outer walls with 2 coats of ACE Emulsion over a primer.


The rain water down pipe is of 110mm dia 4kgf PVC pipe


The soil waste line of 110mm dia 6kgf PVC pipe.


Lofts will be provided over Kitchen


All Water supply & sanitary fixtures like Cp taps, Pillar cocks, Angle cocks, wall mounted EWC, Wash Basin with pedestals of suitable colours. All fittings of Metro / Water man brand & fixtures of Parry ware brand. Good quality of GI pipes for hot water lines & blue SCH-40 PVC pipes for all water lines.


Weatherproof course will be Brick jelly lime concrete added with additives having thick of 3”and finished with 9”x9”pressed tiles.


Parapet wall of 4.5”thick wall with 9”pillars to height of 3’alround


DB Box of standard make, meter board panel, changes over switch & provision of circuit breakers will be provided.


Paving Block flooring in parking area


Compound wall all-round to height of 5’from road level


10’0”Gate with clamps will be provided with locking arrangements.


Rainwater Harvesting arrangements will be provided.


All-round paver blocks will be provided in setback areas


Over Head Tank over Head Room roof slab will be provided.


Concealed conduit piping will be laid for TV and Telephone with socket at Hall, Lobby & Bed Rooms in GF & FF.


Electrical wiring system will be 3 phase wiring with Automatic change over switch. 15A plug for Geyser in all Toilets. The wiring will be 1/18 for light & fan point. All fan hooks will be concealed box type. Concealed conduits with 2No light points, 1No fan points, 1No 5Amps socket in each room will be provided. Kitchen provided with 2No light points & 1No 15 Amp socket point. Toilet 1No light point & 1No Geyser point. 1No calling Bell Provision